Varesh Tejarat Caspian Co.

Manufacture, distributer and importer of smoking goods more than of a decade.

March 31, 2023

Varesh Tejarat Caspian Co.
Register No. 258925, LTD.

About Us

We are Varesh Tejarat Caspian Company Ltd. that registered since 2009 by the registration number 258925 at IRAN.

We are distributor and importer of smoking goods from Europe, also we are manufacturing and packaging “Foggy” tobaccos at the country.

We are representing “OCB” and “ZIGZAG” products such as filters, papers, rolling machines and etc. as official and registered agency.

Also we introducing you “BIC” Pocket Lighters by high quality product from France.

It is our pleasure to introduce you our high quality utility lighters that verified by Tokai Europe Group GmbH.